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Corporate and Employee wellness and development programs:

we offer

Depending on your needs and corporate budget, we develop an optimum package especially for you.

We can handle groups of any size. We can come to you, you come to us or we meet somewhere suitable.




Employee Wellness and Development


Some people take a lifetime to figure out who they are, what they come here to do and what their true potentials are. We entangle ourselves into false roles and images of the self, ego, societies, families, cultures and religions and then we are so afraid to lose our false sense of  self and letting go of the very thing that holds us back from living a life full of peace and joy. We make a good job of sabotaging our own success but look to blame everyone around us.

Step into the mirror of pure potential and start living!


MIND -Fullness – Balance the polarities of the mind

Balance the left and right hemispheres and experience peace and quite of the mind. Understand the states and illusions of the mind. An illness in the body usually starts as and illness in the mind. Understand how our thoughts creates our ageing and overall health.

Stop your habitual thinking and use your thoughts, thinking and dreaming for creative expression and experience PEACE of mind. Release yourself from limiting beliefs, programming and resistance to change and acceptance of what is. Most of us live in a state of denial. Increase your awareness to see more than what the eye can see and the ear can hear. Perception is the key to unlock your full picture frame. Experience and learn how to keep the ultimate balanced state of mind –   Equilibrium – with it’s seven facets of enlightenment. CONTROL YOUR MIND or it will surely control you.

HEART-fullness – Emotional mastery and balancing.

Stress, unhappiness, worries influences our heart beat and eventually the health of our whole system. Our program uses state of the art techniques to clear the emotional body and experience emotional freedom instantly, overcoming harmful habits by choice. Understand the workings of emotions and their influence on your body.

You cannot go through life keeping your foot on the exhilarator and brake at the same time – or in the known “fight and flight mode”. Eventually you will run out of fuel and overheat your engine.

The human heart is the seat of the soul. Our program allows you to access the intelligence of the heart that is far greater than the mind. You can allow your employees to discover the powers of positive emotions on their health. Break emotional chains that are bringing them down, holding them back and sabotaging their relationships and health.

The electromagnetic field of the heart is 100 x stronger than the mind and up to 5000 x magnetically stronger than the mind. This field has a significant field on people around you. Use it wisely and take advantage as an employer. Get ready to use this powerful engine!


SPIRIT-fullness – Be set FREE to FLY high.

The return on your investment can be everlasting. Understand workings of sacred geometry, the holographic universe we live in. Refresh your mind on the natural laws of the universe, overcome your fears of survival and the knowing that mistakes are seldom fatal.

Discover your purpose and how to instantly live a happy and fulfilling life. It is allowed to live a life of ABUNDANT love, health and wealth. Open your awareness and connect to the Universal consciousness of true being and unlimited potential. Connect to the cosmic mind, eye and heart. The gift of Consciousness is priceless – the knowing that all things are possible! You are your own worst enemy – Make friends NOW! Allow your employees to discover the gift they deserve.

Management/Employee Wellness Energetic Analysis

We are all aware of the four basic elements – Air, water, fire and earth. Complete and understand your own energy diamond matrix. Discover your potentials inner and outer workings of personality and true self.

Determine strengths and weaknesses, and discover passions. We receive all that we need at birth.

Many leaders and geniuses such as Einstein, Napoleon Hill, Edgar Casey, Carl Yung understood and used these energies.

Understand why systems, society, politics, educational systems will always allow you to feel just not good enough to achieve your highest dreams and desires. Its like a dangling carrot in front of your nose  – always out of reach. So reach out and grab it ANYWAY – irrespective of outside circumstances!

Come to understand your own forces as well as the energetic forces that drives you.

From a corporate point of view you can combine working teams and management teams according to potentials and passions to coin these coiling forces to maximize human potential energy into synergies!

We can also accurately identify and develop management potentials.

Strategic Management

Our uniquely created pyramid management wheel can accelerate your business success and streamline your bird eye’s view.

Time is precious and information flow is key. Allow us to assist you with your strategic turnaround process.

Change Management Programs

Our proven change management programs will assist you to implement, measure, monitor any change in e.g. culture, system, business, management, takeover etc. with ease.


Employee Development



Leadership Training program:

We all know that the future of any company lies in the ability of their leaders. Our special training and coaching program ingrains the 10 point excellence factors into the daily routine of your staff.

We also desensitize the shadow self to improve trust, loyalty and responsibility.


Sales and Marketing Training program – BEST salesperson for the JOB!

We have created a sales and marketing program to outsmart obstacles and maximize your sales’ teams potentials engraved with NLP for lasting results.

Our natural sense of business survival wants to drive us to cut costs until we can hardly breathe – why not opt for the easier option by increasing profits by increasing sales. BOOM your bottom line.


Success Intelligence Training Program

Set yourself up for


and excel above the rest!

We use some master principles of the Napoleon Hill Success Foundation, The Mind-Tech research team, etc.


Mind Mastery Training Program

Set yourself up for LIMITLESS success
The mind is the most powerful tool ever to be and discovered. Most people are untrained to use this powerful instrument for its purpose of creation, focus, attention and as receiving device. Discover your natural brilliance here!
As a man thinketh so he is! – 1902 – James Allen 
Limit self-sabotage, harmful habits, poverty thinking. Lack of focus, attention, determination etc. blocks your success. If you do not master your mind it will surely control you. Take charge of your habitual thinking now! Our powerful – focus wheel assists you to become a mind master.

Ergonomic Touch

Create the optimum balance between light, colours, man and machine.

Our ability to bring the exquisite feel from the outside to the inside of your offices, board rooms etc.  allows customers, clients and employees to be flabbergasted with amazement and awe.



 ALL programs regenerates, align and brings an ultimate state of cohesion.



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